Your attitude toward investment risk is established using our confidential Risk Profiling Questionnaire.

Through a detailed analysis of your responses, we will generate a Risk Profile, which we will discuss and agree with you.

After completing our risk profile questionnaire, we work together utilising your personal Lifetime Cashflow model to establish your risk tolerance and a suitable benchmark to compared your investment portfolio to through time.


Once we agree your risk profile, we select a suitable dynamic asset allocation, designed to meet your risk/return criteria.

The asset allocation (mix of investments including equity, fixed income, property and cash) we define is linked to the amount of risk you are prepared to accept.

Using our unique in-house research process, we build your portfolio around a Dynamic Asset Allocation process. This utilises a proportion of funds whereby managers can use their own investment thesis to generate returns and also preserve wealth, without being constricted to one asset class. We then use downside risk parameters to gauge the ultimate risk profile of each portfolio which is a blend of all selected funds.


The constructed investment portfolio utilises funds researched in-house and matched to your individual risk profile.

A fully researched portfolio of active and passive funds will be used, analysed by the latest investment tools available from Financial Express and their analytics system.

Portfolios will be rebalanced upon yearly reviews and funds that have underperformed will be analysed to ensure they are still suitable for your portfolio and if not, they will be substituted with an appropriate replacement.

Your risk profile will be reviewed at yearly meetings and adjustments will be made if your profile has altered.