Using the completed engagement questionnaire, we will host an initial meeting at our own expense. This is offered without any obligation. If there is synergy between your needs and the services we offer, we will take you through our structured advice process.


We begin by identifying your goals, aspirations and desired lifestyle. Then we look at the income and expenditure (cash flow) you will require to achieve the things that matter most to you. This analysis encapsulates all areas of planning, including the areas that need to be addressed to ensure adequate resources are available when needed.

Also included is a complete review of your current holdings to see if they are suitable to be included in your financial plan.


Using sophisticated software we establish a picture of your current financial position. We then map your lifestyle goals, including required income and expenditure. ‘What if..’ analysis will help you to visualise the impact of decisions and the exact steps you need to take – including any trade-offs – in order to achieve financial freedom. We need to consider questions such as:

• When can I retire?
• When should I sell my business?
• Can I take time out to travel the world?
• Can I buy a holiday home? If so, when?
• Should we plan for school fees?
• What if I die tomorrow?
• Is too much money a problem?

A financial plan is then constructed and this will blend together your current and proposed financial situation. If you request the JWMlifeBook service your proposal will be blended with your own images of your life to date and what you want your future to look like – for you and your family.